Ronald Shelley

Originally licensed in 1969 as a novice (WN6HDX), I enjoyed ham radio but I struggled with CW to increased my speed above 8 wpm. So, I let my license expire and continued with life. Fast forward many years to 2015, I discovered that the code requirement disappeared. With encouragement from my father-in-law, Lee (K7NKH), I earned with Tech license with new call sign, KG7TQO. I thought the examination process was manageable, so I followed up with my General ticket six months later and then the Extra ticket in 2016. I switched to the new call sign, K7HDX, which reached back to my novice license.

I moved to Cedar City, Utah from Phoenix, AZ and joined the local ham club: Rainbow Canyons Amateur Radio Club. What a great group of people! I also belong to the county emergency communication group and am diving into the digital world. This is fun!

License Plate